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Hydropro™ Universal Straight Valve Tester

TThe HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester – Clamp Fixture clamps and seals straight-bodied valves for pressure testing. Capable of hydrostatic tests up to 9,700 psi and low-pressure air tests up to 125 psi (9 bar). Our unique tilting feature rotates clamped valves 90° from horizontal to vertical, ensuring removal of all air prior to pressurizing the system. Our patented Easy-Out™ Seal Plate Holders allow quick change-out of seal plates from flanged to other valve end type connections without the use of special tools, bolts, nuts or gaskets.

Type of Valve: Ball, globe, gate, check, & butterfly valves
Valve Clamping: Clamping across body
Types of Tests: Hydrostatic & low pressure air seat leakage


Every component in the HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve pressure circuit is OEM-certified to the maximum specified testing pressure of the system for increased quality, durability and safety.
Heavy-duty console walls are built with 12-gage steel to protect internal components from damage, making this tester rugged and durable for long life and reliable operation in industrial environments.
CE certified and available world-wide! All CALDER products are available for sale world-wide, including in the European Union and other locations where CE certification is required.
Patent Pending Safety Interlock system with interlocking knobs and valve handles that will not release the clamp pressure until the test pressure valve is opened and internal test pressure is released.
ISO 9001 certified manufacturing ensures all CALDER products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Standard 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry! We’re confident in our quality, and we back it up! And – ask us how to extend your warranty out to 5 years . . .


Patented Easy-Out Seal Plates in the HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve clamping fixture allows seal plates to be changed quickly and easily without the need to mess with special tools, bolts, etc.
Rapid advance and retract for quickly widening or narrowing the gap between the patented Easy-Out Seal Plates to rapidly transition from smaller valves to larger valves.
Quick-fill water circuit supports quick fill water capability included with HYDROPRO™ Console, allowing operators to fill valves up fast to reduce overall test time.
Single cylinder hydraulic clamping securely clamps both sides of valve in one motion.
Ability to test multiple valves concurrently when paired with the CALDER HYDROPRO™ Console. Use a HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester clamping fixture to test on one port of the console while setting up the next test piece on the other port.
Unique valve tilting option makes it easy to find the best orientation for loading the valve, and hydraulically tilts the clamp fixture 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical, ensuring removal of all air prior to pressurizing the system.
Intuitive control panel layout makes performing a test procedure efficient and easy on the operator.
Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow tips and includes step-by-step set up instructions for various valve testing operations.
Only shop air needed for clamp and tilt functionality.
Upgradable and expandable. Our modular, common-platform design ensures that all equipment and accessories are plug-and-play compatible to meet your changing business needs.
Unique clamp box cut-outs are designed to accommodate valves with actuators.