The CALDER TURN-AROUND-TESTER™ is designed for easy transportation to job sites making it ideal for valve servicing companies or plant turnarounds, eliminating the need for taking valves back to the shop. The self-contained flanged valve testing system allows the operator to perform valve testing in a non-traditional environment. Capable of hydrostatic tests up to 9,700 psi and low-pressure air tests up to 125 psi.* Complete with a clamp fixture and control console, the Turn-Around-Tester™ is a one-stop shop for valve testing on-site.


Valve Type: Ball, globe, gate, & check valves
Valve Clamping: Flange clamping
Types of Tests: Hydrostatic & low pressure air seat leakage

Product Advantages

Compact size allows for transport and use in the bed of a truck. Optional stands available for off truck use.
Clamp fixture and console paired in one frame keeps everything you need together during transport or on the job site.
Convenient rigging points and frame designed for forklifts provide for easy lifting.
Conforms to specified API-598 and allows the operator to perform hydrostatic valve testing in non-traditional environments.
Self-contained test medium tank allows the operator to perform valve testing in non-traditional environments.
Every component in the TAT pressure circuit is OEM-certified to the maximum specified testing pressure of the system for increased quality, durability and safety.
Heavy-duty vibration isolating frame and console walls are equipped with air bags to protect the machine from vibration during transport.
ISO 9001 certified ensures all CALDER products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Standard 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry! We’re confident in our quality, and we back it up! And – ask us how to extend your warranty out to 5 years . . .
CE certified and available world-wide! All CALDER products are available for sale worldwide, including in the European Union and other locations where CE certification is required.
Patent Pending Safety Interlock system with interlocking control valves that will not release the clamp pressure until the test pressure drain valve is opened and internal test pressure is released.
Test control panel location provides a splash shield between the operator and the clamp table.
Intuitive control panel layout makes performing a test procedure efficient and easy on the operator.
Consoles at working height when on the back of a pick-up bed or on the optional stands.
Viewing window allows observation of the valve during the testing process.
Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow tips and includes step-by-step setup instructions for various valve testing operations.
Quick-connect test pressure gauges can easily be removed for the quick calibration or removal of gauges for transport.
Only shop air and water needed for functionality.

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