Quickly applies an accurate internal bevel for chill rings and other applications.


Working Range: 0.500 – 1.750 inches (12.7 to 44.5 mm) or 1.250 – 2.500 inches (31.8 to 63.5 mm)

Products Specifications

Efficient Solutions
Make difficult tube and pipe machining tasks easier, faster and safer with the H&S TOOL special and custom machining services. We can often modify standard tools, tool holders and/or blades to accomplish special tasks. In other cases, we have created totally new locking designs to attach the tool to non-standard shapes and designed custom cutters to make tough jobs more efficient.
The model J can be equipped with a reamer tool that places an accurate 10 degrees ID bevel quickly and easily. This is ideal for high production beveling for chill rings. Two reamers are available. One has a working range of 0.500 to 1.750 inches (12.7 to 44.5 mm) or 1.250 to 2.500 inches (31.8 to 63.5 mm).

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