A two-piece mounting system makes this low profile unit easy to set up and align. Lightweight and simple to use whether you’re facing, beveling or turning valve, pipe or pump flanges. Facing diameters range from 5 to 24 inches (127 to 609.6 mm).


Facing Diameter: 5 – 24 inches (127 – 609.6 mm)
Milling Diameter: N/A
ID Mounting Diameter: 5 – 18 inches (88.9 – 457.2 mm)
OD Mounting Diameter: N/A
Minimum Swing Diameter: 19 inches (482.6 mm)
Power Option: Pneumatic

Product Advantages

Quick and Easy Setup & Removal
Separate mounting chuck.
All centering and leveling is done on the chuck.
Loosen one bolt and machine can be removed from the chuck without disturbing alignment or calibration.
Body of machine weighs only 60 lbs (27.2 kg).
Smallest mounting chuck weighs about 5 lbs (2.2 kg).
Low Profile
Right angle motor mount.
Machine extends only 7.6 inches (193.0 mm) above flange.
Safe and Quiet Operation
Stationary feed rate selector.
Machine is controlled without touching any moving parts.
Exhaust air is routed through body of machine for increased muffling.
Simplified Operation
Single selector switch for bidirectional radial feed or vertical down-feed.
One wrench size for clamping jaws and body draw bolt.
Cuts Chamfers and Grooves
Compound tool head and down-feed for cutting angles and grooves.

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