HYDROPRO™ Hydraulic Flange Seal

Clamps and seals flanged valves for pressure testing and eliminates all those blind flanges. Paired with the HYDROPRO™ Universal Flange Valve Tester, it is capable of hydrostatic tests up to 9,700 psi and low pressure air tests up to 125 psi*, enabling the user to test API valves that have multiple flanges as well as valves that aren’t straight, like elbow valves, 90’s and T’s.


Valve Type: Ball, globe, gate, & check valves
Valve Clamping: Flange clamping
Types of Tests: Hydrostatic & low pressure air seat leakage

Product Advantages

Every component in the HYDROPRO™ Hydraulic Flange Seals pressure circuit is OEM-certified to the maximum specified testing pressure of the system for increased quality, durability and safety.
CE certified and available world-wide! All CALDER products are available for sale world-wide, including in the European Union and other locations where CE certification is required.
ISO 9001 certified manufacturing ensures all CALDER products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Standard 2-year warranty is the longest in the industry! We’re confident in our quality, and we back it up! And – ask us how to extend your warranty out to 5 years. . .
Mobile flange sealing enables the user to test valves that have multiple flanges as well as valves that aren’t straight, like elbow valves, 90’s and T’s.
Pair with the HYDROPRO™ Universal Flanged Valve Tester and HYDROPRO™ Console for sealing both ends of a valve and performing bi-directional testing.
Adjustable clamp arms are manually adjustable to suit various flange thicknesses and diameters, ensuring that each HYDROPRO™ Hydraulic Flange Seals is capable of clamping to a range of valve sizes.
Select from 9 models depending on clamping capabilities.
Pivoting seal plate enables the seal plate to pivot and swivel during clamping for better sealing surface contact with the valve flange.
Hydraulic ram quickly seals the flanged valves enabling the operator to conduct a test without using blind flanges.
Engineered to automatically seal on the valve flange when clamping pressure is applied.
Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow tips and includes step-by-step set up instructions for various valve testing operations.

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