Job-tested and field-proven, the model MFTF will accurately resurface raised gasket areas and bolt pattern surfaces from 4.25 inches ID to 16.25 inches OD (108.8 to 412.8 mm).


Facing Diameter: 4.25 in. ID – 16.25 in. OD (19.1 – 412.8 mm)
Feed Rate: 0.005 in. (0.13 mm) per pin
ID Mounting Diameter: 3 – 13.5 in. (76.2 – 343 mm)
Power Option: Pneumatic or electric

Product Advantages

Simple, Safe, Accurate Flange Facing
The H&S TOOL Model MFTF Flange Facer is a versatile flange facer designed for flanges ranging from 4.25 inch ID to 16.25 inch OD (19.1 – 412.8 mm). The MFTF is a reliable pipe machine tool with a premium flange facing conversion kit. Powered by reliable pneumatic or electric motors to accurately meet your job site or shop requirements.
The Model MFTF is portable, making it ideal for use in the field. Setup and operation are easily handled by a single worker.
Kits include everything necessary to convert your beveling tool with illustrated instructions.
Standard wedge plates can be used for internal locking or precision elbow mandrels are available. The mandrels are designed to mount in short-radius elbows.
The minimum straight depth to mount the model MFTF is 1.25 inch (31.8 mm).
Centering and squaring devices make accurate machining of gasket surfaces and/or bolt patterns simple and safe.

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