A powerful welding and cladding system that rotates around the workpiece, the

BORTECH BW5000 Auto Bore Welder

produces high-quality welding and cladding using any commercially available alloy such as Inconel™, Hastelloy™, Monel™, or stainless steel.


Axial Travel: 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 inches(254, 508, 762, 1016 & 1270 mm)
Wire Diameter Range: 0.045 – 0.062 inch diameter (1.1 – 1.6 mm)
Step Range/Pitch: Step Range: 0.070 – 0.325 inches (1.78 – 8.26 mm)
Rotational Direction: Reversible
Auto-Skip: Auto Skip, Pie Mode & Carriage Return
Standard Torch Range: 12 – 120 inches (304.8 – 3048.0 mm)

Product Advantages

High Quality
The CLIMAX BW5000 Auto Bore Welder with Auto-Skip is an affordable, highly configurable, circumferential weld cladding system, which provides a durable platform for multiple configurations of weld overlay.
The BW5000 rotates around stationary parts. The wire feed, step, and weld wire rotate together under the stationary head unit, retaining consistent wire placement as the machine rotates.
The BW5000 allows for a wide range of exotic alloys with multiple configurations to meet your needs.
The BW5000 utilizes a CLX step feed system, allowing 100% coverage, creating precision welds of any thickness required between 0.125 and 0.35 inches. (3.175 and 8.89 mm).
Flexible and Dependable Performance
The modular BW5000 system allows efficient and rapid shifts in various configurations like welding bores, facing outside diameters, and conical seats.
Any commercially available alloy can be used, such as Inconel™, Hastelloy™, Monel™, or stainless steel.
The step process reduces waste while maintaining 100% coverage of the bore and allowing weld overlay thickness to be as large or as small as needed.
Flange faces, gasket surfaces and conical seats can also be welded automatically by utilizing an optional variable angle for conical seats.
The BW5000 can interface with most CV power supplies that are remote interconnect capable, and 350 Amp, 100% duty cycle. Clad transfer modes include GMAW-S (short circuit), GMAW-P (pulse waveform), and FCAW-G (gas shielded flux core). All GMAW transfer modes are supported by the BW5000.
Minimize Cost, Waste and Downtime
TThe BW5000 allows large parts to be welded without rotating them, making it ideal for field work, setting up on large equipment that could never be rotated, and gets the job done 75% faster than traditional hand welding methods.
After welding operations are complete, the BW5000 packs up to require only 1 cubic yard of storage space.
The BW5000 can deposit 12 pounds of metal per hour — hour after hour.
Increase both the welding and production capacity.
Build up or clad bores from 12 to 144 inches (304.8 to 3657.6 mm).

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