CLIMAX offers a full line of hydraulic power units designed specifically for use with portable machine tools. Available in 230, 380, and 460 voltage models with 10 or 25 HP ratings to meet your specific power needs. Our Hydraulic Power Units meet current OSHA NFPA 70, NFPA 79 and European CE requirements.


Horsepower: 10 HP and 25 HP
General Guideline: 1 HP (746 watts) = 1 gpm @ 1500 psi (103 bar)
Actual Formula: 1 HP = psi x gpm / 1714
Example: 1500 psi (103 bar) x 1 gpm / 1714 = 0.875 HP

Product Advantages

Quality and Versatility
Heavy-duty frame built with 6 inch (152.4 mm) urethane casters and robust hydraulic components, for reliable operation in the field.
Available in a wide variety of mains voltages (208 – 230, 380 – 415, 460, and 575), with 10 or 25 HP ratings.
Remote pendant provides easy operation in tight, cramped spaces.
3 Axis pendant control comes standard for use with linear milling machines.
Quick disconnect couplings make connecting to the HPU and flow reversal processes quick and easy, with no need for any tools. Two types of couplings are available, standard Parker 60 series, or ISO 16028 compatible flat face non-spill couplings
Manual dump valve releases the trapped pressure to enable quick and easy connection of the hoses
Reliable Performance
Variable displacement pump provides improved power, performance, and precise speed control, providing full torque over the full speed range.
Counter balance valve comes standard with the HP1000 and HP2500 units, ensuring steady and smooth operation during interrupted cuts and up/down strokes, which allows improved performance, especially with large boring machines.
Fan cooled heat exchanger helps prevent oil overheating, and resulting loss of power.
Built-in filter gauge provides an easy visual indication to change filter element, maintaining peak performance and eliminating the possibility of filter rupture.
Built-in Safety Features
Hydraulic lock on the HP1000 and HP2500 unit prevents the tool connected to the machine from drifting or sagging. The lock automatically releases when the operator presses the start button on the pendant.
Lock-out disconnect switch on main power for added safety as required by OSHA.
Main circuit breaker protects the branch circuit as required by NEC regulations.
Built-in system relief valve and system pressure gauge for added operator safety.
Phase sequence monitor protects the hydraulic pump from reverse rotation and protects against single phasing and significant voltage imbalance.
CE certified, OSHA, NFPA70, and NFPA79 compliant and available worldwide! All HPU units are available for sale worldwide, including in the European Union and other locations where CE, OSHA, or NFPA certification is required.

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