We specialize in Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Bolt Tensioner equipment (Used and New) for Rent, Sale, Calibration, and Repair manufactured by both HYTORC and Boltight, as well as Pipe, Beveling and Cutting Machines. Backup set available with all Tool Set Rentals. We also do repairs and spare parts.

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers include Hytorc, Boltight and PIPE, among the Leading Suppliers of torque wrench, tensioning and pipe bevelling tools. Serving Houston Texas.

Rent Hytorc Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

We carry Stealth Avanti XLCT and MXT Torque Wrenches and provide complete tool sets including various links and Sockets and Hytorc Hydraulic Power packs , both Air and Electric.

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Rent Boltight Bolt Tensioners

When you need reliable, safe and quality Bolt Tightening and Tensioning tools we pride Boltight as one of our suppliers of choice. They are always innovating and developing the most cost effective, time effective tools in the market place.

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Rent PIPE Pipe Bevelling & Cuttong machines

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