Delivering superior performance and safety, this OD Mount Flange Facer can machine flanges up to 24.4 inches (619.8 mm) in diameter without any attachments. Designed to perform in the harshest of environments, this machine can handle flat face, raised face, RTJ, tongue and groove, lens ring, Grayloc®, and compact flanges. Like the other CLIMAX OD Mount Flange Facers, this machine delivers world-class operator safety with remote feed controls and a low-pressure safety interlock system that prevents unintended re-starts if air pressure is interrupted.


Facing Diameter: 0 – 24.5 inches (0 – 622.3 mm)
OD Mounting Diameter: 8 – 26 inches (203.2 – 660.4 mm) Feed Rate 0 – 0.035 in./rev (0 – 0.889 mm/rev)
Power Option: Pneumatic

Product Advantages

Industry-Changing Safety
Feed control on the outside of the machine – no more reaching in!
E-stop for quick stops & controlled re-starts
Low pressure drop-out prevent unintended re-starts after loss of supplied air pressure
CE Certified
Flexible and Versatile
1 machine for 7 flange types, no attachments needed
– Flat face
– Raised face
– Ring type joints (RTJ)
– Tongue & groove
– Lens ring
– Grayloc (hub profile)
– Compact flanges
Select from 3 models sized to machine flanges up to 12.5, 24.5 or 36.5 inches (317.5, 622.3 or 927.1 mm) in diameter
Automatic & variable feed come standard on both radial and axial feeds for up to 30% time savings!
… no reaching in means higher RPM machining
… adjust feed rate while machining – no need to stop, change direction, or replace parts
… start & stop feed while machining to machine to a shoulder
… easy machining of various types of materials
… a better surface finish
Tool head and tool bit rotate independently, to any angle
Tool head presets at 0°, 23°, and -23°
High Quality, Robust Design
No broken shear pin in an event of a crash – just reset, and keep working
Robust chucking mechanism and unique bearing design provide superior rigidity and machining performance
Smooth-running rotational drive produces a high quality finish

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