We specialize in Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Bolt Tensioner equipment (Used and New) for Rent, Sale, Calibration, and Repair manufactured by both HYTORC and Boltight, as well as Pipe, Beveling and Cutting Machines. Backup set available with all Tool Set Rentals. We also do repairs and spare parts.

Mobile Pump System

is a portable two wheel, four wheel, and hand carry system. Each system is configured to meet specific customer requirements, is designed to operate at the required pressure, and can have multiple outlets, pumps and gauges. And to record the critical metrics of valve tests, our Data Acquisitions & Analysis System (DAAS) and Data Acquisition & Control Systems (DACS) are here to help.

Valve Type: All except SRV’s
Valve Clamping: Blind flange
Types of Tests: Hydrostatic & low pressure air seat leakage


Hand truck base allows for easy transport.
Compact size allows for convenient storage and use in confined spaces.
Only shop air and water needed for functionality.


All parts are designed to work at maximum specified testing pressures which allows you to perform all your tests with confidence.
ISO 9001 certified ensures manufacturing to the highest quality standards.
CE certified for use in the European Union or any country where CE certification is required.


Intuitive control panel layout makes performing a test procedure efficient and easy on the operator.
Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow test procedures.
Quick-connect test pressure gauges can be easily removed to quickly calibrate or replace guages.