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PL2000 Lathe

Plenty of power in a compact package. Gets the job done with just 7 inches (177.8 mm) of radial clearance. Its simplified mounting, bolted directly to the end of the shaft, speeds setup and reduces costly downtime for work on shaft diameters from 1.5 to 9 inches (38.1 to 228.6 mm).

Max. Turning Reach: 12.5 inches (317.5 mm)
Shaft Diameter: 1.5 – 9 inches (38.1 – 228.6 mm)
Power Option: Electric or Pneumatic

Compact, powerful, precise

The 0.6 Hp (0.45 kW) electric motor and 5.5:1 gear reduction provides plenty of torque. A 1.22 Hp (0.91 kW) pneumatic motor is also available.
Tool reach up to 12.5 inches (317.5 mm) from end of shaft.
Criterion style tool head provides accurate depth adjustments in 0.001 inch (0.0254 mm) increments.
Turns shafts from 1.5 – 9.0 inches (38.1 – 228.6 mm) in diameter. This compact machine is able to work within a 14 inch (355.6 mm) diameter swing clearance at the end of the shaft.
Automatic axial feed is infinitely variable from 0 – 0.35 inches/rev. (0 – 8.89 mm/rev.).
Adjustable tool head and round tool bits allow quick tool positioning for accurate turning.

Quick and easy setup

Mounts on the end of the shaft. Simply remove the gear or bearing to expose the end of the shaft.
The PL2000 portable lathe can be set up by an experienced operator in less than an hour. Drill and tap four mounting holes on the end of the shaft to attach the mounting flange. (Shafts less than 3.75 inches (95.3 mm) in diameter only need one hole drilled and tapped for the single bolt mounting adapter.) The body of the machine is attached, centered, and aligned in a few minutes.