We specialize in Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Bolt Tensioner equipment (Used and New) for Rent, Sale, Calibration, and Repair manufactured by both HYTORC and Boltight, as well as Pipe, Beveling and Cutting Machines. Backup set available with all Tool Set Rentals. We also do repairs and spare parts.


The SMARTEST™ DAAS captures the performance of your valve test digitally and produces test reports and data files. The SMARTEST PLUS ™ DACS automates the valve testing process for guaranteed repeatability. Built-in Wi-Fi capability allows for easy and secure sharing of data and automatic emailing of test reports and data files. The variable sample rate provides a high-density data stream which can be adjusted for short or long duration tests. This rugged splash-proof (IP67) unit is ideal for industrial valve testing environments.

Computer: 15.6 inch (1396.2 mm) panel PC with resistive touch screen and USB port on the front
Pressure Range: 3,000, 6,000, & 10,000 PSI (207, 414, & 689 bar) Other pressure ranges available upon request
Power Requirements: Main power 120v or 230v single phase 50-60Hz


Software features in LabVIEW include the ability to acquire and display hydrostatic test pressure on a real time chart, automatic data file generation, saves data reports in. PDF and .CSV format, automatic or operator input Pass/Fail criteria, variable sample rates. Expanded software capability available for order such as report customization, multiple input channels, and automatic report delivery via e-mail. ISO 9001 certified ensures manufacturing to the highest quality standards. CE certified for use in the European Union or any country where CE certification is required.


Ability to acquire and analyze data for all types for valves tested such as Gate, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Globe and Relief Valves Can be paired with any Calder valve testing system HYDROPRO™ Console with Blind Flange, HYDROPRO™ Hydraulic Flange Seals, HYDROPRO™ Universal Straight Valve Tester, HYDROPRO™ Universal Flange Valve Tester, or the Safety Relief Valve Tester. DAAS capable of retrofit to a legacy Calder Valve Testing System as well as many competitors’ products.


Intuitive control panel layout makes performing a test procedure efficient and easy on the operator. Extensive operating manual contains easy to follow test procedures. Quick-connect cables can be easily connected to a pressure transducer/transmitter or changed to another test fixture if needed. Touch screen display which allows you to perform all your test recording with the touch of your finger.