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Vm1150, Vm1200 Gate Valve Grinding & Lapping

Available in six configurations, able to grind and lap gate and check valve seats and resurface seat areas to original manufacturer specifications or better. A tilting adapter is included to assure quick and easy adjustment of grinding pressure.

Seat Diameter Range: 1.25 – 8 in. (32 – 200 mm)
Submerging Depth: 16 in. (400 mm)
Valve Type: Gate or Swing Check
Power Option: Electric or Pneumatic


Heavy duty drive chains provide a minimum of 10,000 hours of service.


Drive system uses a drive chain up to three sizes larger than the competition with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of approximately 10,000 hours. This minimizes the risk of breakage and costly downtime on the job.
Five Planet Arms ensure no two discs are ever directly across from each other and carrying the entire workload. All of the discs are in contact with the work surface, eliminating the development of high and low spots on the valve seat.
The adhesive on the media discs is specifically formulated to provide a firm hold while in use, but are easy to remove after use.
High-quality abrasives can help reduce grinding time by up to 50%.


Rigid Planet Arms eliminate machine chatter and ensure a uniform finish.
Planet Arm bearings are sealed, preloaded and preset to be within .000079 inches (.002 mm) of each other.
Quick and Easy Setup
Quickly change between electric and pneumatic by simply loosening a single clamping bolt.
Quickly change from grinding to lapping operations by simply changing the discs.
Factory sealed bearings for a fast, easy grinding head change out.
Planet Arms feature fast, one screw adjustment of diameter size.