standard range of hydraulic bolt tensioners

are designed for general use on top side applications. Each tool comprises of a hydraulic cylinder, bridge, puller and socket. Interchangeable adaptor kits fit common hydraulic cylinders to enable the tightening of multiple bolt sizes.
Boltight solutions make it possible to tighten and loosen multiple bolts simultaneously using high-pressure hydraulics. Bolt tensioners stretch the bolt before the nut is wound down under zero friction, ensuring extreme accuracy, speed and uniformity.


are specifically configured for Subsea applications. They feature a nickel-plated exterior that allows them to withstand high initial bolt stress. The tools are fitted with the Boltight composite material high pressure seals, which clip into place and require no adjustment.



range of bolt tensioners offer a high-load, low profile solution for space-restricted applications demanding high and accurate preloads, such as wind turbines. The tensioners exert a high load with both the multi-stage, ideal for radial obstruction applications and the single stage, for vertical obstruction applications.


Fastest auto return tensioner on the market: With a focus on productivity and a reduction in downtime, the TSR+ auto return tensioner range has been designed to ensure fast, simple, safe and reliable operation.


Xtra load range

has been developed for high loads and reduced dimensions. With 30% more load than typical standard ranges and a large usable piston stroke, it provides users with versatility and fast, accurate operations.


are available for the installation and maintenance of gas and oil diesel engines. We stock sets for various OEM engines but can also custom design sets for any diesel or gas engine. All tool sets are supplied in a box with a pump, hoses and operating manual.


enable large diameter bolts to be tensioned with ease to high and accurate preloads. A hydraulic pump activates the internal jacking system, so the effort required to tighten a very large diameter bolt is reduced to the effort needed to operate the pump. As there is no nut rotation during tightening, the operation can be performed in a confined space and torsional stresses on thread damage are eliminated. Any number of hydraulic nuts can be connected together for simultaneous operation, ensuring all bolts in the joint can be evenly loaded to the same high and accurate preload.


The Nord-Lock Group is a pioneer in innovative bolting solutions and we’re always looking for new challenges to overcome. If you’re experiencing a bolting issue, you can rely on us find the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Boltight’s range of foundation bolt tensioners


have been specifically designed for wind turbine base and foundation bolts. They meet the exacting requirements of the wind industry, while remaining reliable and easy to use. Boltight tensioners are kept in stock for the most common wind turbine applications.


We supply a range of pumps to suit different bolt tensioning applications. Pumps available include: Boltight Intelligent Electric Pump (IEP) - a smart pump for modern hydraulic bolt tensioning Hand Pumps, Air Pumps, Rapid Retract Easy Piston Retraction Pumps and stainless steel pumps Available as 1000 Bar, 1500 Bar and 2500 Bar outputs (higher pressures available on request)


We supply hoses in a large range of configurations and lengths to suit any tool connection arrangements. Hoses available include: 5m Link hose, 10m Link hose, 1.5m Interconnecting hose, 1500 bar Downline hose, hose reel and stand Available as 700 bar, 1000 bar, 1500 bar and 2500 bar outputs (higher pressures available on request) Fitted with CEJN fittings (other configurations on request)


We supply a range of fittings and connectors to suit different bolt tensioning applications including: Two, four or five outlet manifolds, tee, elbow and cross blocks Swivel adaptors (with nipple or coupling) Blank nipples and couplings Nuts and thread protection caps All available in 700 bar, 1000 bar, 1500 bar and 2500 bar outputs (higher pressures available on request).

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